I. Registration

I. 1) Registration and access to the site Xeonia (https://www.xeonia.net) are open and free. The site is open to all people without restrictions of any kind and only requires to be aware of these rules. To register you must complete the registration form with valid information and belonging to you and you must have understood and validate the rules of the site.

II. Personal data

II. 1) The user has the right to access and correct personal information concerning him. This right can be exercised from the member area or by email using the contact page.

II. 2) The data entered during registration are only used to identify the user and will under no circumstances be transmitted to third parties for uses other than those necessary for the operation of the site.

III. Site operation

III. 1) The site Xeonia allows the user to earn points through the distribution of an advertising page (Paid To Promote), paid clicks (Paid To Click), contests and various games.

III. 2) The value of the points has no relation to any monetary value. The points earned are converted at the start of each month at a variable rate, the history of which is available on the site.

III. 3) Xeonia cannot guarantee 24/7 operation of the site and cannot be held responsible in the event of a breakdown or technical incident possibly resulting in the loss of points or earnings.

III. 4) Xeonia can at any time modify the earnings of a member if this one does not respect the rules.

III. 5) Xeonia reserves the right not to validate the winnings of a member, or to delete his account if he has used illegal means or exploited a loophole on the site to obtain his points.

III. 6) If you use frames, Iframe, Popup, Popunder to broadcast your promotion page, it must be at least 700px high and the entire width of the page.

III. 7) Multi-ptp type pages are prohibited. That is to say that we ask for the exclusivity of Xeonia, and not a page with other PTP in iframe.

III. 8) Self-promotion is prohibited. This means that people looking at, for example, their promotion page more than 30 times a day, with a different IP will be penalized.

IV. Payouts and Lots

IV. 1) After conversion, members points are transformed into money that you can request through the PayPal payment platform. The minimum amounts in order to be able to make a withdrawal are announced on the site. Members have the possibility of ordering gifts thanks to the money present in their accounts, these will be sent through specialized online merchants

IV. 2) Xeonia undertakes to make the majority of payments as quickly as possible (between 1 and 7 days), these will be honored within a maximum period of 30 days, the shipment of lots will be made within the deadlines normally observed at the said merchants in line.

IV. 3) Xeonia cannot guarantee that referrals randomly assigned to VIPs or purchased from the store will be active.

V. Sponsorship

V. 1) Each member can sponsor his friends or acquaintances thanks to the link provided in the member area. Xeonia will pay the sponsor (on 4 levels of godchildren) a percentage in points for each point earned by his godchildren. Payments are as follows for PTC earnings : 10% at the first level, 5 % for the second, 2 % for the third and 1 % for the fourth level, for the PTP gains : 7% at the first level, 1 % for the second, 1 % for the third and 1 % for the fourth level.

V. 2) You can promote your link by mail, on discussion forums or on your site, the use of SPAM is prohibited and may lead to the deletion of your account without notice.

VI. Other

VI. 1) The terms of these regulations may be changed without notice by Xeonia, members will be notified of changes made.

VI. 2) By subscribing to the service Xeonia you accept the terms of these regulations, any violation noted may be penalized.

VI. 3) The content present on all the services ofis naturally subject to copyright (images, text, brands), if you want to reuse it, you must request it from their respective authors. Xeonia is naturally subject to copyright (images, text, brands), if you want to reuse it, you must request it from their respective authors.

VI. 4) all purchases made on the site are non-refundable.

VII. Advertisers

VII. 1) The site (s) offered on Xeonia must not be pornographic, racist, discriminatory, vulgar or illegal.